School Development Priorities

At Lynch Hill School Primary Academy we continually strive to offer your children the best we can. In order to continue improving this year, our school development priorities plan for 2021-2023 is below:


Achievement Gap Issues: Pupil Premium in all year groups. Careful tracking of prior attainment groups in every year group, Gender: we have reversed poor performance of girls at end of KS2 as was evident in 2018 but need to address the stereotypical data of girls performing better in English and boys better in maths. Achievement gaps exist for SEN and EHCP and for white British pupils

Priority 1 

To ensure that all pupils are supported to make up for lost learning as a result of the global pandemic and that gaps in knowledge and skills continue to close rapidly.

Priority 2

To continue to embed an enriched, broad and balanced curriculum with high quality teaching and learning where there is a key focus on all children knowing more, remembering more, applying more and articulating more

Priority 3

To further embed a culture of health and wellbeing across the school for pupils and staff

Priority 4

To further improve engagement with parents so that our families are best supported and families are able to thrive

Priority 5

To continue to develop strong leadership structures, ensuring that leaders at all levels are able to make a positive impact and that leaders including governors have a strategic vision of the school – recognising the strengths and areas for development


The full SDP report can be downloaded here.