School Development Priorities

At Lynch Hill School Primary Academy we continually strive to offer your children the best we can. In order to continue improving this year, our school development priorities plan for 2018– 2019 is:

This year the school has focused on improving its performance and improving pupil outcomes by :

Increased monitoring across different pupil groups to accelerate progress in all years with a particular focus on the teaching of phonics.

  • Monitoring progress for the middle and higher attainers for the 3 core areas combined rather than merely as discrete subjects. This will hopefully enable us to improve on the combined data for 2019.
  • PiXL membership will enable better tracking of gaps for focused teaching and plugging of gaps. Better focus to be on QLA (question level analysis)Improve performance of targeted groups - particularly the progress and attainment of our disadvantaged pupils and DP+SEN and for late joiners (those entering LHS in Y5 or 6) and middle attainers
  • Improve writing outcomes for all year groups taking on-board research, feedback from Ed psychologist and targeted PiXL resources Staff need to be clearer on the non-negotiables for writing and use more effective AFL approaches with greater dialogue and the sharing of good practice across all years.
  • Training for all staff on the vocabulary project and the small changes that can be made to improve reading & writing outcomes as result eg. Word of the day, PiXL 5 phase model, reading speed and fluency 

Improving the quality of teaching and learning by focusing on the quality of writing; by teaching the skills of Maths Mastery and by developing pupils’ thinking and questioning skills.

  • To use our online provision mapping to ensure tailored and targeted support is delivered to address identified gaps
  • To work with NCETM to successfully implement mastery for maths in all year groups
  • Building on the principles of maths mastery, review our approach to depth and mastery across the curriculum. Undertake a review to ensure full coverage for all IPC (International Primary Curriculum) subjects will lead to the introduction of a new curriculum statement. Beyond maths and English, the area where depth and mastery is strongest is in PE; this practice needs to be shared and developed across the curriculum.
  • Develop the action research project on extending pupils’ use of vocabulary to continue to improve pupils’ skills in writing, especially in grammar, punctuation and spelling, to support extended pieces. PiXL membership will aid this further, enabling greater fluency in reading and access to resources.

To continue to raise the profile of a healthy lifestyle and fitness and to tackle obesity through the effective implementation of a daily exercises for all pupils

  • Embrace the Active Movement project across the school through the Active Movement Lead for Slough – initiative as part of SSSN (funded by PE grant)
  • To continue to improve supervision outdoors so that all pupils feel safe and to ensure all behaviour is managed effectively and consistently in line with policy. Monitor non-negotiables for all lunchtime assistants in order to promote physical activity, keeping children safe and embracing the school values.
  • TAs to support lunchtime assistants to ensure children are physically active during lunchtimes. Children complete laps at the beginning or end of each break and lunchtime. Play leaders (staff), Young Ambassadors and Sports Council identified to role model the key expectations.

Developing leadership and management by improving the impact of curriculum leaders on outcomes and provision.

  • To continue to build effective links with other schools in order to challenge judgements and re-evaluate practice and ensure that all leaders are outward thinking and open to change
  • To support year leaders and teams, including governors, to develop effective partnership work between year groups to ensure consistency and improved outcomes for pupils at the end of each key stage
  • To fully implement a new marking policy and end of year report that embraces the findings of research on the impact of marking on pupil progress and enables staff to reduce their workload
  • Ensure maximum impact of CPD at LHS by becoming a PiXL school and a Read Write Inc. champion school.
  • To ensure all staff comply with GDPR guidelines and that the school is recognised as fully compliant