School Development Priorities

At Lynch Hill School Primary Academy we continually strive to offer your children the best we can. In order to continue improving this year, our school development priorities plan for 2019– 2020 is below:


Achievement Gap Issues: Pupil Premium in all year groups. Careful tracking of prior attainment groups in every year group, Gender: have reversed poor performance of girls at end of KS2 as was evident in 2018 but need to address the stereotypical data of girls performing better in English and boys better in maths. Achievement gaps exist for SEN and EHCP and for white British pupils

Priority 1 - QUALITY OF EDUCATION To ensure the curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced, in each year group, towards cumulatively sufficient knowledge and skills being developed for future learning and employment and for pupil outcomes to be at least in line with national at the end of EYFS and KS1 and above national by the end of KS2

Priority 2 -  QUALITY OF EDUCATION  Improve teaching and learning in Reception so that provision is judged to be consistently good or better in all areas of learning

Priority 3 -  BEHAVIOUR AND ATTITUDES To ensure consistency in behavior across classes and all year groups so that the behaviour non-negotiables are adhered to by all and pupils feel safe and happy

Priority 4 - PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT To continue to provide a wide range of opportunities that stretch beyond the academic, enabling children to develop all aspects of their character and culture, providing greater opportunities to take risks and make mistakes so that it is evident that LHS pupils are given access to a quality education of the head, heart and hand

Priority 5 -  LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT Develop a more outward facing school who actively seek opportunities to work with other schools to improve provision and who fully recognise what is needed to be an outstanding school in 2019/20/21

Priority 6 - COVID RECOVERY CURRICULUM To ensure that all children are able to re-engage with school and with learning and are effectively supported to do this so that good or better progress is made.

The full SDP report can be downloaded here.