Active Movement

During the academic year 2018/19, we officially became an Active Movement School and are now working to ensure that all children and staff are more active throughout the day. We are becoming used to active registers and active answering within lessons. Pupils are enjoying active challenges, like the pedometer challenge and they embrace the idea of active reading and even the active swaps at lunchtime where we encourage pupils to swap white bread for brown bread.

We are doing all of this, along with continuing to offer a wide range of sports clubs and physical activities before and after school, as well as at lunchtimes, because we believe that small changes and increased activity will make a positive difference to children’s lives and their health.

Research has revealed some harsh truths:

  • Those children who are most inactive are more likely to have mental health problems
  • Those who are most inactive are more likely to have low self-esteem
  • Those who are most inactive are more likely to have poorer social skills
  • Those who are most inactive are more likely to under-perform academically

We want to ensure our pupils are given the best life chances and so Active Movement is here to stay!

We will try to keep you up to date with our Active Movement Programme through short messages in the newsletter.

Active Ambassadors:

As part of our Active Movement programme, each class has two Active Ambassadors who must ensure that children are never sitting for too long. A sedentary lifestyle is not good for anyone, so they are tasked with monitoring lesson activity and letting the teacher know that it is time to get up and move. Each Active Ambassador has signed an agreement that they will follow the Active Movement principles.

  • I will tell anyone what Active Movement is about
  • I will remind everyone why Active Movement is good for them
  • I will support any Active Movement event or volunteer for any new movement
  • I will encourage others to do Active Movement
  • I will remind everyone to do the 8 Active Classroom Movements (including the teachers!)
  • I will praise anyone who is doing Active Movement well
  • I will share ideas and problems with any teacher
  • I will recommend others to be Active Movement Ambassadors
  • I will encourage my family to do Active Movement
  • I will wear my Active Mover badge at all times

We can’t be fooled into thinking that these ambassadors are only monitoring the children, as the pledge above states, they are quick to let the teachers know that they should be moving too!