Modern Foreign Languages

Bienvenue! Welcome to Modern Foreign Languages (MFLs) at Lynch Hill School Primary Academy!

The language we study is French and through this we aim to:

  • introduce young children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and to provide opportunities for them to express their thoughts, ideas and to give them the tools with which to communicate for practical purposes;
  • cultivate in children an interest in learning other languages;
  • encourage children’s curiosity about language; • create awareness of the different structures that languages have;
  • reinforce and expand their knowledge and understanding of their own language;
  • help the children develop their awareness of cultural similarities and differences in other countries;
  • increase their speaking and listening skills; • discover stories and rhymes written in French;
  • develop language learning strategies that will lay the foundations for future study.

Children in Key Stage 2 are taught French each week. The curriculum is designed to enable pupils to learn simple greetings and vocabulary. Pupils are given opportunities to listen, speak and write French through a variety of exercises to accelerate their learning, including: books, songs, animations, resources, games and teacher talk. Pupil engagement and fun is the best way to ensure pupils make good progress.

To give MFLs an added dimension, we aim to provide pupils with as many language opportunities as possible. In addition to lessons, we hold an annual Languages Week. This is a celebration of all the languages spoken at school, as well as providing the opportunity to focus children on French language and culture.