Welcome to Lynch Hill Nursery.

At Lynch Hill, we are extremely proud of our Early Years provision and are confident in the knowledge that a child who starts their educational journey in our nursery setting really does get the best of starts. We are passionate about child development and are committed to each and every child being able to fulfil their potential. Every child is unique and their journeys will not all be the same but every child can make progress if they are safe, happy and well supported.

Nursery is such a welcoming, vibrant and purposeful place to be and is very much part of Lynch Hill school. As you enter each area, you are met with smiles from children, delightful chatter, interesting activities, and highly skilled adults interacting in a meaningful way.

Our staff are confident and excited about the provision on offer in Nursery. Provision is enhanced through a rich and exciting curriculum with extended activities, staff expertise and positive relationships.

Close working partnerships with parents is also key and we relish working alongside you to ensure your child thrives


Our promise to you...

We promise everyday your child will learn something new.

Some days they will bring it home in their hands.

Some days they will bring it home in their heads,

And some days they will bring it home in their hearts.


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Please click on the links below for more information about the curriculum, timetable and facilities

Timetable and Facilities

Nursery curriculum

Should you require more information about Nursery Admissions, please call the school on 01753 524170.  A Nursery application form can be downloaded here.