Parent Support

At Lynch Hill, we feel it is equally as important to support our parents, carers and families as it is to look after our students. We provide this through the following services:

Inclusion and Safeguarding Officer

At Lynch Hill, we have a full-time Inclusion Officer who can help to advise you on many issues that your family may face.

Lisa Bunce can support you with a range of difficulties that families often face such as behaviour, homework, attendance, divorce, separation, housing, benefits, food bank, stress and much more.

To arrange an appointment to speak to Mrs Bunce, please contact the school office.

Community Team

Pupils and staff in our school originate from all over the world. We are very proud of our diversity and seek to develop our understandings of each other's cultures and traditions. In our increasingly diverse society, community cohesion has never been more important. We seek to have common vision, a sense of belonging for all and for all stakeholders to have similar life chances. Lynch Hill School has a key role to play in ensuring every pupil achieves as well they can. Community cohesion is based on ‘a society in which strong and positive relationships exist and continue to be developed in the workplace, in schools and in the wider community’, and this is our aim.

Our school hosts a number of different cultures and we seek to learn about the ways in which we are similar whilst celebrating our differences, both through the curriculum and special themed events. Loud, colourful days and discos are held to celebrate the wide diversity that we enjoy.  An effective approach to deal with incidents of prejudice, bullying and cultural issues has meant that pupils feel safe in our school as well as knowing that any problems that do occur will be dealt with swiftly and sensitively.

Our sense of community is developing through a number of initiatives. These include the individual school community as well as the UK and global communities. The school actively seeks to create opportunities for parents to come into school. Our Coffee Mornings are popular sessions with our parents and we will be adding more during the year.

We have an effective approach to dealing with incidents of prejudice, bullying and cultural issues. This has meant that pupils feel safe in our school as well as knowing that any problems that do occur will be dealt with swiftly and sensitively.


At Lynch Hill, we recognise the importance of therapies to enhance children’s wellbeing and develop their emotional resilience. Therefore, we offer a range of creative therapies for children.

Through creative processes, individuals can explore themselves and their feelings at their own pace, in a non-confrontational way.

Client and therapist engage through mediums such as story-telling and enactment, music and movement, play, improvisation, art work, verbal reflection and conversation.

We can also offer some therapeutic support to families. For more information, please contact the school office.