A high standard of school dress reflects a good attitude to school and is really important in maintaining our high standards and good reputation.  The Governors very much appreciate your support in ensuring that your child is dressed appropriately.

All NEW uniform with the school badge should be ordered from our supplier School Days Direct. Click here to go to their website. Please use access code SDDLHS.  Please note that badged uniform is not compulsory.

Uniform can be purchased from supermarkets or high street chains (for example, Matalan, Primark, etc.).  Please use the descriptions below with regard to colours, etc.

We have teamed up with a company called Grown Out Of It which will allow parents to buy and sell second–hand school uniform via their secure online platform.  More information is available here,

Second hand uniform is also available from the school.  Please contact the office for more information.  If you have used school uniform in good condition that you are happy to donate, please do pass it on to the school so that we can pass it on to families that need it.

Clothing, Footwear and Equipment


  • Yellow / gold polo T shirt, not white please (no logos or pictures other than the school badge).
  • Mid grey school skirt/pinafore of midi/knee length OR mid grey school trousers (not black or dark grey please).   Stretch boot flare trousers are not allowed in any year group
  • Grey school sweatshirt or jumper/cardigan.  Fleece jackets are not suitable for indoor wear.
  • Sensible shoes with a low heel.  The Governors would like children to wear black school type shoes if possible.  Otherwise black trainers may be worn (all black with black soles).  Boots of any kind are not permitted at school.
  • Long hair should be tied back with a plain band or clip. 

Even within a primary school we aim to start preparing pupils for the world of work, therefore extreme haircuts including mohicans, significant variance in length between short and long sections, dyed hair, glitter and lines/patterns cut into the hair are not allowed and will result in your child being sent home.

  • Braided / plaited extensions should match the girl’s natural hair colour.  Highlights and contrasting colours are not permitted.

On health and safety grounds we do not allow pupils to wear jewellery in our school.  The exception to this rule are the wearing of a watch, a set of traditional studs in pierced ears (one in each earlobe) and small, discreet objects of religious significance.  We ask that these be removed during PE.  The school accepts no responsibility for loses of items of jewellery.

  • Keyrings should have the key and one tag only.  Lanyard keyrings are not allowed
  • Make-up, nail extensions and nail varnish are not allowed.
  • Socks should be ankle or knee length and white, grey or black in colour.
  • Tights must be dark – grey or black.

For Summer

  • Mid-grey school type shorts (sweatshirt fabric or jersey material shorts are not acceptable.
  • School dresses in yellow and white stripe or check, with a grey cardigan/ sweatshirt. 
  • Girls wishing to cover their legs may wear white leggings.

PE Kit

  • A plain or school yellow T shirt, black shorts or leggings and a change of trainers for outdoor games.
  • Black or grey tracksuit for outdoor games. 
  • A dark waterproof sports jacket is advisable for KS2 children, who are expected to participate in outdoor PE in all weathers.
  • Swimming kit (yr3) – plain black or grey swimsuit / trunks, swimming hat and goggles.


High-heeled shoes are unsafe in school and contravene Health & Safety Regulations.  Any platform or heeled shoes are not acceptable. 

Pupils must wear flat, safe, black shoes at all times.  Boots are not permitted.  Children are also required to wear socks.  We would like to clarify what the Governors consider to be suitable and safe footwear for school:

  • Shoes should have heels no higher than 1.5 inches(4cm)
  • Heels should be wide and flat
  • Shoes and laces should be fastened securely.  Loose, ill-fitting shoes such as pumps are dangerous for school.
  • Boots are unacceptable around the school site.
  • Heavy duty boots, particularly those with reinforced toes, are unacceptable
  • Sling backs, plastic ‘jelly’ type shoes and clogs are not allowed
  • Trainers should be completely black (including the laces) and properly tied.
  • Shoes should have closed toes

The Governors and Headteacher expect all children who attend Lynch Hill to wear school dress as indicated.

Uniform is closely monitored and pupils who arrive in school wearing clothes which are inappropriate may be given alternative items for the day or parents may be asked to take children home to change.