Celebrating Success

At Lynch Hill School Primary Academy we endeavour to recognise the children’s individual and collective achievements. We firmly believe it is important to celebrate success inside and outside of school, and to give recognition as well as reinforce good behaviour. We also encourage personal development and goal setting, whether it is through our ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ scheme, or through our various rewards systems.

Prize Days

At the end of the school year, we like to dress up and really celebrate the wonderful things that have been achieved by our pupils throughout the year. Prize Days are legendary at Lynch Hill. The senior staff dress in their academic gowns and a wide array of trophies, shields and certificates are presented to pupils who have reached the end of a key stage. We feel it is really important to recognise the children’s individual and collective achievements. At Lynch Hill we celebrate the progress of everyone, including those who overcome difficulties and shine through in whatever way they can. We recognise that everyone has a valuable contribution to make to this school.

Special guests, including the Mayor, are invited into school and help us present awards to our lucky award winners.

Personal Development Awards

In Year 5 and 6, pupils begin working towards Personal Development Awards. These awards are achieved as a result of meeting a series of given targets linked to behaviour, attitude, responsibility, maturity, attendance and commitment.

There are four levels for our pupils to work towards. Each level contains slightly more challenging targets. To complete each level, children must first have demonstrated that they have met the necessary criteria. A number of staff need to sign to agree that a target has been met. It is the responsibility of the pupil to bring their personal development cards to staff for signing on a regular basis.

On completing each level, pupils will be awarded a pin-badge in assembly and their achievements recognised and celebrated by the whole key stage. In addition, to the pin badges, children can also request an appropriate reward for their efforts in achieving each level. The reward could be the opportunity to have an extra session of their favourite lesson, the chance to work with a favoured staff member, or even a night off homework. For those children who successfully complete Level 4, there may be a celebratory lunch out at a restaurant (the staff particularly enjoy this celebration).

Our Rewards System

The positive reinforcement of good behaviour is a high priority at Lynch Hill. We also want to develop our pupils as mature, thoughtful and independent learners. We stand firmly by our ethos and believe that Lynch Hill is A ROARING SUCCESS because pupils are given so many opportunities to work towards personal goals or targets, and to experience success both individually and collaboratively. Achievements are recognised and celebrated in many ways.

Good Day Tickets:
All pupils in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 work to earn Good Day Tickets each day they are in school. If they have completed tasks (including homework), behaved well both in class and in the playground, and displayed a positive attitude, their homework diaries will be stamped.  Bronze, silver and gold awards are given for the number collected in a term (20 = Bronze, 40 = Silver and 60 = Gold), from which names are displayed on a roll of honour board. Children who have achieved their gold award will receive a small prize at the end of term.

Weekly Awards:
Each week teachers will nominate pupils in their class who are deserving of an Principal’s Award or a Praise Award.  The pupil’s name – and the reason for receiving the award – will be read out in a celebratory assembly and they are presented with a special sticker.  Their names will then feature on the weekly newsletter and parents will receive a personalised text message explaining why we are so proud of their child.

Bonus Points and Significant Achievement Awards:
Children in Years 1-5 collect Bonus Points.  Bonus Points are awarded for good behaviour and to recognise efforts made with work and towards targets set.  At the end of each term, the two pupils in each class who have accumulated the most Bonus Points are rewarded with a book prize.

Staff closely monitor the progress of each and every child in their class, and recognise the significant achievements made by individuals. At the end of each term, teachers nominate one pupil per class to receive the Significant Achievement certificate and book prize.

This is a special reward system for Year 6 pupils. We recognise that the final year of primary school is a particularly challenging one and there are many obstacles to overcome in the preparation for secondary school.  Our oldest pupils receive credits for their positive efforts and can trade these for goods in the Credit cupboard.


We recognise that learning takes place in a number of different ways, both in and out of the classroom. Therefore, we aim to provide Year 1 – Year 6 pupils with the opportunity to develop their interests. This includes a range of extra activities, which they can complete during a Friday afternoon session called Kidzone. Some schools have a similar style of session which they refer to as Golden Time; both are times dedicated to recognising and celebrating those children who have worked hard throughout the week. Feedback tells us that Kidzone is a very popular slot in the weekly timetable at Lynch Hill but, as staff, we are always mindful of ensuring that learning, discovery and challenge are at the heart of all we do and so it is imperative that this time has a planned focus. The theme for the Kidzone sessions now always link with whatever IPC learning goal has been the focus for the pupils that week and referenced through the ‘Thought for the Week’. This provides a good dialogue with the children and the opportunity to reflect on how they have demonstrated the learning goal during that session and across the week.

Activities in Kidzone might include developing cookery or art skills, playing a sport or game, participating in a team quiz, or simply watching and reviewing a movie. Pupils select the activity of their choice and work alongside peers from other classes or year groups. Some of our most popular Kidzone activities include Build a Tower, Pictionary, Chatterbox, Wink Murder, Art & Craft and football.

The session is 45 minutes, but can be reduced for individual children if there have been any behavioural incidents during the week. As they select the activity of their choice, early in the week, children recognise they have the responsibility of behaving appropriately to protect their Kidzone time.