Year 1

Year 1 is the start of your child’s education in Key Stage 1. At Lynch Hill we take a holistic approach to teaching and ensuring your child’s needs are met within our curriculum.

Children in Year 1 have the opportunity to develop a range of skills across key areas of the curriculum, which includes maths, literacy, science and music. At the end of Year 1, an average child is working at Secure Level 1.

Our timetable allows for children to engage in structured play activities to broaden their social interactions with their peers and teachers. These activities are based around our science or history and geography topics. They allow the children to develop their creative skills and fine motor skills.

We encourage pupils in Year 1 to develop their learning through discussions, which generate ideas about what aspects they want to explore within a topic.
Teaching is based around a creative curriculum to help develop and secure the skills pupils will need for the future.

In Year 1, there is a strong focus on the teaching of basic skills. Reading is of paramount importance, with children reading individually, as part of a group or as a class. Our writing lessons explore a range of genres, with children producing their own stories, poems and information texts.

In maths, children also have the opportunity to explore and learn about a variety of mathematical skills from shape, measure, data handling and calculations. This extends to ICT, where children begin to learn the basic skills for using a computer to access and record information.

Some physical education (PE) lessons are taught by a sports’ coach, whereby children receive at least two hours of PE every week.

All children are invited to attend an after school club every term. They can take part in various activities including ICT, drama, urdu, art and gardening. 

Class presentation assemblies, which parents are invited to, take place every term. This is an opportunity for children to share some of what they have been learning with their parents.