Year 4

Maths, English and science remain the basis of the curriculum and pupils are taught in ability groups for Maths and reading comprehension. Pupils in Year 4 are very reflective and quickly gain the skills to assess their own academic and social performances. Teachers regularly assess pupil progress and we aim for pupils in Year 4 to achieve a Stage 4 Beginning by the end of the year.

We are following the International Primary Curriculum in Year 4.  This involves a cross curricular approach to all foundation subjects and sees the children studying topics including ‘Saving the World’, ‘Invaders and Settlers’ and ‘Sounds we hear’. Pupils gain the opportunity to explore the Rainforest and study this complex, diverse eco-system as well as learn about early European history. As with all year groups, pupils are given opportunities to share their work to parents in creative end of unit presentations.

Year 3 and 4 spend break times together, separate from year 5 and 6. This has the added advantage of providing mini-leader roles for Year 4 pupils. They have ‘playground friends’ (which is part of the Young Leaders programme) and a Sports’ Council. Pupils in these councils take a lead role in caring for younger pupils and they manage this very successfully.

All children are invited to attend an after school club every term. They can take part in various activities including ICT, drama, art and technology activities.