Year 5

In year 5 children begin their journey into the last stage of their primary education and work closely with year 6 to meet the expectations of life in Upper Key Stage 2 and beyond. The next two years are an important time for the children to develop a range of transferable skills and this begins by encouraging the children to take ownership of their own success through the Personal Development Award.

Our curriculum is comprised of a number of subjects. Each day children receive lessons in our core areas of maths and English where they are set in ability groups to allow for personalised learning. Our science and humanities subjects are delivered through the IPC curriculum as well as weekly computing and French lessons. The children are also very lucky to be taught by specialist teachers in their PE, music and art lessons.

Year 5 also have a number of opportunities to extend their learning beyond the classroom, visiting Herschel Park and the Winchester Planetarium as well as the Centre in Slough to perform in a brass concert.

All children are invited to attend an after school club every term.