Year 6

Year 6 is the final year of Key Stage 2. It is a very important year, because pupils sit their SATs (Standard Attainment Tests) in May, which are set by the Government to assess each pupil’s progress. We aim for children to achieve at least level 4 and to have made two whole National Curriculum levels’ progress from their Key Stage 1 assessment.  Besides this important focus, we also offer pupils a wide and balanced curriculum, in addition to the core subjects of Maths, English and Science.

Much of the curriculum is based around the topic of Europe.  Pupils learn that Europe is a continent, and familiarise themselves with the European Union (EU) and other member states.  They choose a country to research in-depth and present their findings to parents.  Pupils also study World War 2 and the Holocaust as part of their project-work. This links very closely to the citizenship programme, and our understanding of Rights Respecting Schools.

As the oldest pupils in the school, Year 6 pupils are offered a range of responsibilities.  This includes leading the School Council, becoming Sports’ Council members, Peer Mentors and Prefects.  They respond well to the challenges and additional opportunities given to them, which prepare them for their transition to secondary school.

All children are invited to attend an after school club every term. They can take part in various activities such as ICT, drama, Urdu, art and gardening.