Miss Robinson and Miss Cargin from our Wellbeing Team are making themselves available to our Lynch Hill community and will be contactable directly. They will be providing calming and relaxation techniques as well as general Wellbeing activities on the themes of Mindful Mondays and Wellbeing Wednesdays.

Children can contact them directly through DB Primary Monday to Friday either by typing in Miss Robinson or Miss Cargin (If this does not work please advise your child to type in the full email address of k.robinson@lhspa.org.uk or c.cargin@lhspa.org.uk) 



Here is a calming technique that you can download and print. It gives different ideas for how to calm yourself if you are feeling worried or overwhelmed. Everyone feels worried at some point, it's a normal emotion just like happy or sad. Using these techniques to distract yourself from your thoughts may help but remember you can always talk to a trusted adult too... It's good to talk.

A reminder that all of our pupils are heroes in our eyes. We are proud of each and every one of you for your resilience and efforts during this time. Stay amazing!! 


Here is a link for a creative task and something that your child could use to help keep them calm and relaxed. This may be a little tricky and take some time but there are step by step instructions and a video to help: https://babbledabbledo.com/paper-toys-flextangles/