Welcome to Lynch Hill School


 A Foreword from Mrs Tomlinson


At Lynch Hill, we believe that every child should be equally valued, irrespective of abilities or individual differences and encouraged to develop to their full potential. We are committed to providing all children with an inclusive learning environment so that they can aim high, removing barriers to learning to enable them to work hard and ensure that their wellbeing is at the heart of all we do so that they know that we care deeply.

We are fully committed to developing individuals as active, lifelong learners and to this end offer an exciting, challenging and caring environment within which children flourish both socially and academically. We set high standards and help children achieve them by giving them the very best of educational opportunities. At Lynch Hill, we believe that the school experience is not just about what we do between 8:35am and 3.10pm; we are enthusiastic about children acquiring the skills to go into the wider world – to widening their horizons and to showing them that they can be whatever they want to be, and that no limits should ever be put on what can be achieved. We want children to aspire and succeed. Extended learning at Lynch Hill has a very high profile and all of our staff support the vision that school is not simply about performance in core subjects but about helping to provide children with the opportunities to shine in other areas, build self-esteem and confidence and become well-rounded individuals. By offering so many extended learning opportunities, our children get the chance to succeed in different areas; they can then take this success and use it to help overcome barriers in any areas of learning that they perhaps find more challenging.

Each and every year, we all have our own mountains to climb but support is always given along the way: we think the support at our school is exceptional. All pupils and staff are on a journey together - we are learning together - and our pupils know this. It is the relationships at Lynch Hill that make it so special. This school places a very strong focus on SMSC, teamwork and mutual respect. We strive to make Lynch Hill the school where childhood is valued and celebrated and the one that offers a strong platform to enable our learners to go on and achieve great things.

We want your child to succeed and we believe that children give of their best if they want to come to school and if they are fully supported by their families.  For this reason, we work in partnership with the families of our children to ensure that each individual receives the best education we can offer. The members of staff are here to help you and your child benefit from the educational opportunities available at this school. 

In order to shape tomorrow’s leaders and our future global citizens, our pupils must be helped to develop a strong moral code. This school encourages children to take responsibility for their work and for their attitude towards others.  We teach them to respect the school, other people and their property, and that they must be responsible for their actions.

We very much appreciate parents’ support and encourage parents and children alike to take a full and active role in supporting the school.

Thank you for choosing Lynch Hill School for your child. We look forward to a long and happy association with you.

Lindsey Tomlinson


Lynch Hill School is committed to promoting sport and physical activity in partnership with the Slough Sports Network, Berkshire Get Active, School Games and Active Movement.